Residential Artificial Grass Series

LXR® SERIES The most authentic turf solution yet for residential landscaping.

The LXR® series is the newest addition of artificial grass lawns on the market. Artificial Turf Supply is one of the first suppliers to carry and distribute this residential artificial grass product nationally. While the LXR series delivers the cost-saving advantages of artificial grass turf, it is also made up of the newest, most realistic artificial grass yarns and fibers on the market today, the LXR® series is the most authentic synthetic solution yet. For cutting edge fake lawn grass that will keep people wondering, the LXR® series artificial grass is your turf.

Commercial Synthetic Grass Series

Your synthetic turf solution for commercial development.

Our rich, green Commercial Series of synthetic turf is the most attractive way to reduce landscape development costs and maintenance. The Commercial Series is an economical and high-quality synthetic turf grass system, created with the commercial developer in mind. Unlike residential artificial grass, the Commercial Series is designated and manufactured for large scale projects only. It offers consistency in color, feel and overall appearance without the nuisances of natural grass: watering, mowing, fungus, disease prevention, pest control, reseeding and more.

By saving thousands of dollars annually in maintenance contracts, staff and equipment, Artificial Turf Supply will keep you looking and thinking green.

We offer the lowest artificial turf prices in the industry.

Learn more about our cost saving opportunities.

PetPRO Series Synthetic Grass Products

The only choice for your pet related applications.

Our extremely durable, pet-friendly PetPRO® series artificial lawn system is the most attractive way to maintain a pleasant, safe, odor-free environment for you and your pets. The PetPRO series — which includes seven different product options — is a high-quality synthetic lawn system created with your pet in mind. Specifically designed and engineered for pet use, the PetPRO series features specially treated polyethylene, making it virtually impossible to stain or discolor. Also, dogs can’t dig or chew through it. The Envirofill Infill is non-toxic to your pets, while allowing urine to drain right through. With the PetPRO series artificial grass turf system you and your pet can have a beautiful lawn.

Please contact us to have Artificial Turf Supply help you improve the safety of your yard. To learn more about the various PetPRO Series products featured below, please select Full Details. As your manufacturer-direct, artificial grass wholesale retailer, we are proud to offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

ProPLAY Series Synthetic Lawns

Your synthetic solution for playing surfaces.

Similar to our SportPRO series, the ProPLAY series, artificial playground turf grass system is amongst the safest and most durable synthetic lawn turf surfaces available. Utilizing a “safety first” engineering approach, the ProPLAY series is a state of the art synthetic surface, ideal for playgrounds. With children’s safety and product durability as our main goals, we select only Polyethylene for its soft and forgiving feel and resilience under the stress of heavy-duty-all-weather use, protecting your children from impact injuries. The ProPLAY series features a variety of artificial residential turf options for playground use, designed to meet your specific application needs. Together with a 100% crumb rubber infill, the ProPLAY series is safer than sod, wood chips, sand and even urethane surfaces. If child safety is important to you, then the ProPLAY series synthetic playground fake turf grass system is the obvious choice for your playground application.

Please contact us to have Artificial Turf Supply help you improve the safety of your playground. Direct from the source, we offer the lowest artificial grass prices in the market.

SportPRO Series Athletic Synthetic Grass

Your synthetic solution for athletic playing surfaces.

Utilizing a “safety first” engineering approach, SportPRO is a state-of-the-art synthetic turf grass ideal for playgrounds, artificial soccer turf, artificial football turf, rugby, baseball and general purpose fields.

The specifications found in SportPRO artificial turf are the result of five years of independent research and acres of successful implementations.

With safety and durability as our main goal, we select Polyethylene for its resilience under the stress of heavy-duty-all-weather use, and for its soft and forgiving feel. Together with a 100% post consumer rubber infill, the SportPRO specifications have been shown to reduce athletic injuries by 40%, putting fake turf on the must have list for schools, parks, sports organizations and parents looking to reduce injuries and maintenance costs. Utilizing the no-infill technology the MultiSport PRO is the all purpose synthetic surface taking the athletic industry by storm. From indoor to outdoor artificial turf applications and 100% post-consumer rubber in-filled or non in-filled surfaces, the turf experts at Artificial Turf Supply have the right playing surface for you. We guarantee that it will stand up to the toughest demands of today’s athletic applications for eight years — the longest warranty in the industry.

If safety and performance are important to you, then SportPRO is your synthetic solution. Please contact us to have Artificial Turf Supply help you improve the quality of play.

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