Artificial Turf Glossary

Artificial Grass / Artificial Turf: Artificial Grass or Artificial Turf is used to replicate the look & feel of natural grass and can be used either indoor or outdoor. Turf is a surface consisting of synthetic fibers which are tufted into a polypropylene backing and filled with an infill; either Envirofill, Sand or Crumb Rubber.

Fake Grass / Fake Turf: Fake Grass or Fake Turf is another phrase for artificial grass turf. This synthetic fibered surface can be used indoor and outdoor to resemble the appearance of natural grass.

Synthetic Grass / Synthetic Turf: Synthetic Grass or Synthetic turf is a different phrase for artificial turf. Synthetic grass is a fibrous surface used to replicate the feel & appearance of natural grass.

Turf Grass: Turf Grass or Grass Turf is another phrase for artificial turf. Turf grass is a synthetic fibrous surface, with an infill to resemble the appearance of natural grass.

Field Turf: Field Turf is an outdoor variant of artificial turf which is used for large athletic fields such as; Football Fields, Soccer Fields, Baseball Fields & Community Parks.

Artificial Grass Remnants / Grass Carpet: Artificial Grass Remnants or Grass Carpet is a small piece or patch of artificial turf. These pieces are used for smaller residential or commercial projects that require a small section of outdoor space to be replaced with artificial turf.

Artificial Grass Installation: Artificial Turf Supply can help find an artificial turf grass installer in your nearest area!

Pet Grass / Pet Turf: Pet Grass or Pet Turf is a variant of artificial grass used specifically on areas high volumes of animal traffic. This pet grass for dogs or other animals is more resistant to digging & urination from animals.

Synthetic Lawns: A synthetic lawn is a residential lawn made of artificial grass. Synthetic lawns are more efficient and cost-effective in the long-run than natural grass.

Artificial Putting Green: Artificial Putting Green Turf is an artificial grass used for putting greens. These variants of artificial turf are the highest-grade and specifically designed for golfing purposes.

Artificial Grass & Artificial Turf Infill: Artificial Turf & Artificial Grass infill acts as the cushion between the synthetic fibers & the polypropylene backing. Infill is needed to ensure that the artificial grass retains plenty of years in use with heavy foot traffic, weather, animals & UV. These infills are usually Envirofill, Sand or Crumb Rubber.

Artificial Turf Fiber: Non-abrasive polyethylene designed specifically for outdoor use and treated with UV inhibitor and stabilizers to resist the effects of ultraviolet degradation, heat, foot traffic, water and airborne pollutants.

Artificial Turf Backing: Artificial Turf backing is used to provide dimensional stability in all directions to prevent stretching, and distortion upon installation of the turf. The secondary coating within the backing saturates the primary backing and effectively locks the fiber tufts in place.

Turf Rolls: Artificial Turf rolls are 15 feet wide, 100 foot long rolls of artificial turf. Artificial grass rolls weigh approximately ½ pound per square foot.

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