Artificial Lawn Maintenance – Caring for Your Synthetic Lawn

As your artificial turf wholesaler, Artificial turf Supply guarantees the highest quality turf at the lowest prices. Although, artificial grass is virtually maintenance free, you will need to provide turf maintenance for your lawn in the following ways to help maximize the life span or your artificial lawn:

Typically, you will use synthetic turf maintenance equipment for your residential turf grass, such as a power broom, push broom, rake or leaf blower to provide artificial turf maintenance for your artificial turf. You should brush, blow off or rake your grass to remove fallen leaves, branches and other organic debris at least once per month to maximize its look, but this is not required for all synthetic turf maintenance projects. Others may find their landscape needs to be cared for more often.  Once every 3 months the turf grass should be brushed with a push broom against the grain to help eliminate any debris and dust as well as stabilize the fibers.

Water can be used to spray and clean up your turf especially after any spills.  Mild soap or vinegar mixed with water will also help cleaning some of the tougher areas.  Remember, the faster you are able to clean up a mess, the better.

Its important to pick up solid pet waste on a regular basis to keep your turf looking great.  Following pickup, rinse the turf area with water to help flush and further clean out the system.  Weekly rinsing/flushing will help keep your turf area smelling fresh and odor free.  You may also try turf maintenance with a mild detergent.  Envirofill is also recommended for pet areas to help keep your turf fresh.

Additionally, in areas where the temperature is over 100 degrees, water should be used to cool off the grass for children if the grass gets too hot. However, the shade areas of the turf will be always be cool enough for play. If you are ready to order artificial turf today, click here or please give us a call.

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