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Thousand Oaks, California Synthetic Lawns

Synthetic grass has been showing up all over Thousand Oaks as a cost-effective alternative to natural grass. There are many reasons why homeowners, businesses, and schools are switching to fake grass. As an affordable landscaping solution, it can be used for everything from lawns and gardens to carpets for decks and patios. In addition to landscaping residential properties, artificial grass can be used to landscape businesses. In fact, many companies in Thousand Oaks and surrounding areas have already saved money by installing fake grass.

Artificial grass is gaining popularity because it doesn’t have to be watered or maintained like natural grass. Also unlike natural grass, it remains green and beautiful regardless of the season or weather. When it comes to DIY projects, artificial turf is a favorite among landscape architects and people who enjoy completing outdoor projects on their own. It can be cut to fit any size project, it’s easy to install, and extremely easy to maintain.

In addition to residential and commercial turf, we manufacture premium athletic synthetic turf for sports. While natural turf needs regular maintenance, it can still cause many problems. In fact, athletes can get injured or fall as a result of uneven surfaces and inconsistencies found in natural turf. However, Artificial Turf is considered a safer alternative. It’s also extremely flexible. For example, it can be used during bad weather and for multiple sports. It has also been shown to extend playing and practice time for athletes.

Whether you need athletic-grade turf for a soccer field, residential turf for your lawn, or commercial turf for your business, we carry the fake grass you need at a price you can afford. Artificial Turf Supply is proud to offer wholesale prices on all products. To learn more about premium synthetic lawns or to get a quote, please contact Artificial Turf Supply.


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