AlveoSport Pad

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About AlveoSport Pad

AlveoSport Pad

AlveoSport is an energy absorbing, recyclable artificial turf pad. AlveoSport is designed specifically as a technical base layer for artificial turf. Constructed of a closed cell, cross-liked polyolefin foam, AlveoSport’s patented grooves prevent expansion in extreme temperatures so your artificial grass surface’s overall dimensions remain consistent. Additionally, the grooves act as an advanced drainage system, whisking water away from the artificial grass so it won’t hold water or harbor bacteria. This advanced design adds years to the life of the artificial grass surface. AlveoSport installs easier than any other brand under any conditions. Its advanced lightweight design means you don’t need a machine to roll it out and it rolls out flat, saving time and money. AlveoSport can also be installed over any normal sub-base and covered with any type of artificial grass. AlveoSport contributes to maintaining key performance values; ball bounce and roll, energy restitution, and shock absorption. Comprehensive tests show that athletic turf using AlveoSport performs at the FIFA 2 Star* level even after many seasons of rugged use.

Detailed Product Information

  • Package: 6.33′ x 281.33′ Rolls
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Weight: 175lbs per roll
  • Drainage: Horizontal & Vertical
  • Water Resistant: Closed Cell Foam
  • Footprint: No Expansion or Contraction
  • Warranty: 16 Years

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