Astro Turf

Installing Astro Turf to replace your traditional grass gives you a gorgeous year-round lawn. Astro Turf’s natural appearance is enhanced by an authentic grass feel, so whether you’re barefoot or wearing cleats, Astro Turf feels just like regular grass. An Astro Turf residential and athletic installation offers you strong materials and a smarter, more energy efficient alternative. We offer you a range of different grass styles to suit your personal and athletic needs. Whatever those are, Artificial Turf Supply has you covered with affordable artificial turf prices. We also have Astro Turf for dogs!

Astro Turf Installation

Synthetic Astro Turf got its start in football and other sports applications. Nowadays, technology has led to some truly revolutionary advancements in synthetic turf materials. For athletes, there’s no better time to play on an artificial Astro Turf field than now. We at Artificial Turf Supply offer these products for you to get ahead of the game.

Artificial Astro Turf is used across a wide range of college football fields to offer players a safe practice surface. Manufactured with soft, non-abrasive synthetic grass materials, Astro Turf offers a forgiving surface for the most hard-hitting contact sports. It is also perfect for baseball, rugby, soccer, and even golf! This synthetic turf is good all year round due to its heavy-duty nature. It can withstand all forms of weather to offer players peak performance in rain or shine.

Feel the Difference with Astro Turf

Although Astro Turf specializes in providing sports teams with an ideal playing field, this synthetic turf may also be used in residential properties. For your home or the playing field, Astro Turf offers you all the advantages of synthetic turf grass with a special focus on quality, versatile materials. Contact us today and let us help you build your perfect turf solution with our affordable Astro Turf prices.

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