Synthetic Turf System Investment Return Analysis: Athletic Applications

Implementing an Artificial Turf Supply fake grass system is an investment that supports a substantial maintenance and operations savings over an extended period of time, while allowing substantially increased facility use.

Natural Grass vs. Synthetic Turf

The following is a hypothetical study of the comparative costs and benefits of a Synthetic Turf System. Costs are for operation of an 80,000 sq. ft. field over a 10-year period.

Natural GrassSynthetic Turf
PRICE INSTALLED$ 125,000.00$ 410,000.00
ANNUAL MAINTENANCE$ 40,300.00$ 3,300.00
RE-SODDING (EVERY 3 YEARS)$ 375,000.00
TOTAL 10-YEAR COST$ 903,000.00$ 433,000.00

Over the course of 10 years, an Artificial Turf Supply outdoor turf systems out performs natural grass for total cash outlay, while providing a surface that is warranted to appear and perform like a world-class professional athletics facility. Such natural grass facilities are often maintained at higher cost than synthetic turf with annual re-sodding and higher maintenance overhead.

A resurfacing of an Artificial Turf Supply Synthetic Turf System can be conducted, as needed, at a fraction of the cost of the original installation, allowing facility managers to continue to see cost benefits increase with time. What is of greatest importance to facilities and team management is the utility of the field.

All of the Artificial Turf Supply field turf systems are designed for extensive, heavy-duty use and can withstand 10 times the activity of a natural grass field. Over a 10-year span, the Artificial Turf Supply Synthetic Turf System could accommodate over 8,000 uses – about 10 times the maximum usage for the same field in natural grass. Natural grass facilities’ ‘uptime’ can further be compromised by environmental conditions such as drought, inclement weather, heat, cold and the time of day that they are maintained and used. An Artificial Turf Supply Synthetic Turf System is not affected by any of these environmental stresses, which could quickly result in a sub-standard surface or the need for costly repair or remodel in natural grass applications. If you’re ready to buy turf now, please order turf grass here.

The comparison chart on the following page shows the advantages of an Artificial Turf Supply Synthetic Turf System that go far beyond the mere cost of the system. We also have a turf calculator for your convenience.

Can accommodate sustained use, even under environmental stresses, amounting to 8-12 times the annual use of a natural grass surface.Requires recovery between events, after rainfall, watering & for maintenance activities. In optimal conditions, it can only accommodate 1/10th (10%) of the activity a synthetic surface can endure.
Will appear as a well-maintained and groomed grass-playing surface with minimal effort.Requires regimented maintenance for best appearance. May discolor or die in unsightly patches.
Even, consistent surface lends to fewer injuries over natural grass. All-rubber infill material softens impact, provides positive traction and a better, more consistent Gmax rating. About 40% fewer injuries observed in independent study.Uneven surface, which could compact to hard, high impact areas or slippery, unpredictable mud conditions. Lower, less consistent Gmax rating, higher abrasion and presence of such hazards as irrigation system appurtenances compromise safety.
Faster playing surface throughout field with consistent, enhanced traction. Balls will react similarly to well-groomed grass, providing realistic play athletes expect.Inconsistent & sometimes-patchy growths can cause unpredictable ball movements & leave those playing vulnerable to injuries from unexpected & inconsistent surfaces.
8-year insurable, manufacturer’s warranty or 10-year extended warranty is available.Rarely warranted, except for quality of original installation.

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