How To Order Artificial Grass Products

Become an informed buyer with these 8 easy steps.


Determine Your Application.

Artificial Turf Supply, your leader in artificial grass, has put together a simple How to Order guide – with 8 simple steps before you enjoy your new turf grass and start saving big! Explore the various uses and benefits of artificial turf, in order to determine the specific use you have for an artificial grass solution. Common uses include lawns, landscaping, pool surrounds, playgrounds & park structures, safety areas, athletic fields & sports surfaces – football/baseball/soccer/rugby fields, golf putting greens, practice areas, & others.


Estimate Sizing.

Learn how to approximate the area (in sq. feet) your outdoor turf solution will require.


Infill vs. No-Infill.

Review our artificial grass Infill vs. No-Infill Decision Guide to see if your artificial turf application is best suited for a no-infill, Envirofill infill or crumb rubber infill based solution.


Review FAQ’s.

Be sure to read answers from the fake grass and turf experts at Artificial Turf Supply to common questions our customer have.


Self or Professional Installation.

Find professional turf installers online or check out the Easy Install Guide PDF.


Get A Quote.

An artificial grass cost estimate is quick and simple. Artificial Turf Supply offers free instant price quotes online when you want to buy artificial turf. Be sure to contact Artificial Turf Supply and get your instant price quote today.


Seek Expert Advice.

We also offer no addtional fee consulting for your project. Just e-mail us or call us and we will be glad to help.


Place Order.

You can order fake grass online through our website or contact us if you need help.

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