Choosing Artificial Turf Over Natural Grass

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Synthetic Turf vs. Natural Grass Benefits Comparison

Artificial turf can accommodate sustained use, even under environmental stresses, amounting to 8-12 times the annual use of a natural grass surface.Requires recovery between events, after rainfall, watering & for maintenance activities. In optimal conditions, it can only accommodate 1/10th (10%) of the activity a synthetic surface can endure.
Artificial grass turf will appear as a well-maintained and groomed grass-playing surface with minimal effort.Requires regimented maintenance for best appearance. May discolor or die in unsightly patches.
Even, consistent surface lends to fewer injuries over natural grass. All-rubber infill material softens impact, provides positive traction and a better, more consistent Gmax rating. About 40% fewer injuries observed in independent study.Uneven surface, which could compact to hard, high impact areas or slippery, unpredictable mud conditions. Lower, less consistent Gmax rating, higher abrasion and presence of such hazards as irrigation system appurtenances compromise safety.
Faster playing surface throughout field with consistent, enhanced traction. Balls will react similarly to well-groomed grass, providing realistic play athletes expect.Inconsistent & sometimes-patchy growths can cause unpredictable ball movements & leave those playing vulnerable to injuries from unexpected & inconsistent surfaces.
Along with wholesale artificial grass prices, an 8-year insurable, manufacturer’s warranty or 10-year extended warranty is available.Rarely warranted, except for quality of original installation.

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