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Artificial Turf Supply is your manufacturer-direct, wholesale solution for artificial turf grass products.

Whether you require residential, commercial, athletic, or playground turf grass applications, Artificial Turf Supply can deliver the most beautiful, cost-effective artificial turfgrass surface solutions on the market. The growing demand and advances in technology have resulted in the development of the highest quality suite of artificial turf products.


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The artificial grass turf available from Artificial Turf Supply uses only the highest quality components in the world, making our synthetic turfgrass for lawns stronger, safer, softer and more realistic than any other synthetic turf products on the market. We develop and manufacture the best synthetic lawns and products, with the highest specifications available, direct from their source, giving you the confidence Artificial Turf Supply is known for. No matter what synthetic turf grass solution you’re after, the experts at Artificial Turf Supply have you covered.

In addition to our unprecedented quality, we offer the lowest artificial turf prices. We continue to drive down our costs, allowing us to charge much less for our grass turf products than our competition. Being the only internet based, manufacturer-direct artificial grass wholesale supplier, Artificial Turf Supply will continue to innovate and drive the industry.

From residential and commercial landscaping to sports fields and golf courses, Artificial Turf Supply has products for a wide range of artificial grass turf applications.


Which Artificial Grass Is Right For Me?

Need help choosing the perfect artificial grass solution? No Problem! We know there are dozens of high quality synthetic grass options available from Artificial Turf Supply and the decision making process can be confusing. The easy to use artificial grass product selection flow chart below will guide you in the right direction. With 3 simple steps, the flow chart will help you in your quest for the ultimate artificial grass solution.

First, you will want to determine the intended traffic level of your application area, ranging from light to heavy traffic. The next step is to select your artificial grass color. Colors are typically selected based on your geographical region and personal preference. Color options range from green yarn fibers to green and brown yarn fibers. Ultimately, these color options provide either a dark green or light green look and feel. The last step is to determine if you want a no-infill or infill artificial grass solution. For more information on infill, please click here. The results will then show you the appropriate artificial grass model numbers for your project.

After you have selected your artificial grass model number, feel free to click on the recommended products that are right for you to learn even more about your artificial grass solution. Need a quote? No problem, the Artificial Turf Supply instant, automated quoting system is ready for you. Have more questions; feel free to give us a call. We are always available to help with your project.

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